CHECKING IT OUT: Truth, The Border Wall WILL Pay For Itself…

We have all known things that “pay for themselves” in our lifetime and we all know what that expression means.

It means that the money that was initially spend on Thing A that would have otherwise been spent on Thing B will equal each other in such a short amount of time and the use of Thing A will go on longer after those two amounts have equalled.

For example, my family and I bought a camper a couple of years ago. It’s nothing huge, just a small camper big enough to comfortably fit a family of four. We bought it used off of a member of the family that had it for a few years and was trading up. The best part of that by the way is that we got a killer deal on it.

Now, every so many months we like to take off for a week at a time and travel to this little tourist spot that’s about an hour or so from the house. We started doing this more often when we bought the camper because it was much cheaper than getting a hotel room and we could stay longer as a result.

We could cook our own meals if we wanted to and the cost per night of being somewhere was drastically down of what it would be if we stayed at a hotel.

One day, my wife and I were sitting thinking about this and adding up how much the camper cost versus how much it would have cost for the hotel alone the number of times we had gone to this little tourst spot in a couple of years and realized that the camper had lpaid for itself a good long time ago.

That’s what President Trump was trying to say on Tuesday night is that when you factor in every little dime that has to be spent on something like the wall and something like dealing with illegal immigration eventually one will meet up with the other.

Via Breitbart:

During President Trump’s Oval Office address, the president said his proposed wall along the United States-Mexico border would “very quickly pay for itself.”

“The Border Wall would very quickly pay for itself,” Trump said. “The cost of illegal drugs exceeds $500 billion dollars a year – vastly more than the $5.7 billion dollars we have requested from Congress.  The wall will also be paid for, indirectly, by the great new trade deal we have made with Mexico.”

In a fact check by Breitbart News, Trump’s statement is correct, even when his claim that the annual billion-dollar drug trade will pay for the barrier.

For instance, Trump has only requested only $5.7 billion out of the $25 billion his steel border wall will cost the federal government. Every year, though, American taxpayers are billed more than $116 billion to pay for illegal immigration. The $25 billion border wall would pay for itself in the first four months of its construction should it stop illegal immigration at the border.

Even more cost-effective, Trump’s request for $5.7 billion for a border wall is 20 times less expensive to Americans than the annual burden of paying for mass illegal immigration, wherein hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens pour into the country every year to strain public services and welfare.



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