Man Came Home To His Apartment, What He Found Two Homeless Men Doing Inside Is Absolutely Unbelievable!

Every once in a great while someone will stumble into the wrong place for the briefest of moments, immediately realize their mistake and make the quickest possible exit.

Once, after going grocery shopping shortly after buying the car I walked out to the parking lot of the store unlocked the car and sat down in the driver’s seat to start the engine. I looked around for a moment and thought to myself that something seemed strange.

The first thing is that the little CD wallet I kept in the center console wasn’t there.

Second, I didn’t remember even owning a yellow umbrella let alone bringing it with me. As it turned out, there was the same model car and same year to boot in that parking lot at the exact same time and I had unlocked the wrong car.

Thank God I didn’t start loading the groceries in yet.

Via Western Journal:

A California resident allegedly found two homeless men cooking dinner in his apartment on Friday.

Elijah Smart, 29, and Markis White, 19, were identified by police as the men who allegedly broke into Robby Spillman’s Santa Monica, California, apartment. Both were charged with burglary on Wednesday, according to NBC 4.

Spillman went Christmas shopping on Friday and found the men after arriving home, The Associated Press reported.

“I saw two homeless men in my home cooking themselves dinner,” Spillman said, according to NBC4.

Smart and White allegedly told Spillman that they weren’t expecting him to come home so soon and if it was okay to “hang out for a while,” NBC4 reported.

“I was just in shock,” Spillman said, according to NBC4.

Spillman added Smart and White made themselves at his home and took a shower in his apartment.

“I was calm and I said to them, ‘Do you have enough food?’ ‘Is there anything I can get you guys?’” Spillman said, NBC4 reported.

Spillman was able to call the police after taking his dog for a walk. The Santa Monica resident believes the homeless men came in through the patio in the back of his apartment. He said Smart and White left a mess and will likely throw the dishes away, according to NBC 4.



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