PETA Shows Its Sense Of Humor, Actually Complains About The Emotional Support Chicken!

Whenever I had to drive past the PETA building when I was stationed in Virginia I always laughed and had to wonder what kind of humorless people that they must be.

Now, I can totally understand people that do not want to eat meat for whatever reasons. Tolerance means trying to understand even if you do not agree.

PETA just has a cow (INTENDED) about anytime they see someone eating meat.

They also don’t understand what it means to lampoon something or to take something and turn it on its ear.

There are some people that legitimately need emotional support animals for whatever reason. Despite the whole trend of people trying to bring ducks or snakes on board airplanes claiming that they are emotional support animals there are some people that legitimately need it and there are too many people that are abusing that and screwing it up for folks that really need it.

Anyway, Popeye’s Chicken has recently come up with a promotion that looks like it is strictly at the Philadelphia airport that they are giving select people at their PHL location a box with a little three piece chicken tender meal that is TSA approved to go on the airplane called an Emotional Support Chicken.

It’s a hilarious idea because ever since airlines have more resembled a bus with wings than someplace where you can actually relax while you travel you the options for having something to eat on the plane have grown quite sparse.

However never wanting to pass up a chance to complains about something PETA is going to complain about this one too…

Fox News reports:  Popeyes is offering travelers at Philadelphia International Airport an “Emotional Support Chicken” disposable tote when they purchase a 3-piece chicken tender combo meal. The promotion provides guests with a carry-on box in the shape of a chicken and a sign boasting about its chicken’s “comforting” effects for travelers.

Popeyes is selling boxes of dead “emotional support chickens” for the holidays, proving they’re not above mocking mental illness AND animals who died gruesome deaths. This is what the box would look like if it told the truth about what goes into their food.

Oversensitive doesn’t even begin to describe PETA’s attitude.

We think the box is hysterical! Social media was mostly pro-Popeyes and pro-chicken:

The video below the tweet is great! Others posted comments in support of Popeyes and how good the chicken. This could be a great thing for Popeyes!



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