What Gary Sinise Just Did For Hundred Of Gold Star Families Is Absolutely Heartwarming

Being a Gold Star family is something that a lot of people are but absolutely nobody in the world wants.

I remember when I was a young man during the time of the Persian Gulf War and knowing that there was a chance that my dad might not make it back though thankfully he did.

It’s the same reason that when I was in the military I made an agreement with myself not to have any children because if the worst possible thing happened  I did not want to have to subject someone to asking why daddy wasn’t coming home for Christmas.

The point is, after a flag is folded an handed to a family member at a military funeral there needs to be a consistent lifting up of these families to ensure that our thinking of them didn’t end with the last round of a 21 gun salute.

Which is why we should all be grateful for people like Gary Sinise who have done so many things for veterans and their families. The man truly goes above and beyond the call of duty..

From Fox News:

The Gary Sinise Foundation, founded by the “Forrest Gump” star, sent more than 600 Gold Star families to Disney World this month.

Sinise made the announcement on Twitter with a picture of parents and children on a plane headed for the amusement park.

“Over 1,000 Gold Star children travel with the surviving parent, 1,750 in all, via American Airlines to Disney World today as part of our (Gary Sinise Foundation) Snowball Express program. This charter left LAX this morning. I’ll join up in a few days. Have fun kids! We love you!” he wrote.

The Gary Sinise Foundation, created in 2011, posted photos of the children having fun at the “most magical place on Earth” with their families.

The foundation launched the program last year which helps serve the “children of fallen military heroes,” according to the website.



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