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This is the Before Picture of a Woman Attacked by Muslim Extremists. Look at Her Now….

37-year-old Carla Whitlock was standing outside a UK bar and restaurant when a pair of recent Muslim converts brutally attacked her for wearing a skirt.

The two men wearing black hoods and bandanas threw a highly corrosive substance in her face which melted the skin on her face, arms and neck and left her permanently blinded in her right eye.

They have been identified as Billy and Geoffrey Midmore, but Billy now uses the name Billal Kidd Mujahideen after converting to Islam.

Acid attacks are a common means for radical Islamists to punish women who are perceived as immodest or who are thought to have brought dishonor on their families.

“The woman was slumped on the ground screaming. She was in a lot of pain and completely freaking out, screaming that her eyes were burning and that she could not see,” said Berken Fuat, who witnessed the assault on the mother of six.

“Her face was melting. The skin was blistering and peeling off and you could smell burning skin. It was horrible. She was hyperventilating. She could not cry because her eyes were burning and she could not open them at all.”

Several major media outlets, including The BBC, The Telegraph, Sky News, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard and The Independent, all “forgot” to mention that the monsters who maimed this woman had recently converted to Islam.

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