Professor Stalker Sent 800 Messages To Student Then Said She Should Be Happy About It

A professor from University of Central Florida is facing stalking charges after a Ph.D student says he sent her more than 800 messages per day and watched her work out through the window at her gym.

According to reports, Ali Borji, a 39-year-old assistant professor in the school’s Department of Computer Science was arrested at his on-campus office and was given to charges of stalking – both misdemeanors.

The unidentified woman told the authorities that Borji, who she met while she was working on her Ph.D., reached out to her through Facebook to “help” with her studies. They went out a couple times until the woman told Borji that their relationship needed to remain professional. Despite that, Borji still tried contacting her.

After the woman threatened to report him to authorities, Borji sent an email which read, “We are just one step away from eternal happiness,” police said. Borji also told the woman that he could create an artificial-intelligence facsimile of her and could “do anything he wanted.”

Authorities say Borji persisted with emails, phone calls and Facebook messages — even reaching out to the victim’s family members to declare his love for the woman. He would also appear at the gym and other places the woman frequented, she said.

The victim said she left UCF just to get away from Borji. When she returned to campus this spring, Borji approached her at the gym, authorities said.

The stalking continues as the woman received more than 800 messages per day. Borji was also reported watching the victim work out at the gym she frequently go to. The woman said she was so scared of Borji that she refused to go anywhere alone.

In one email, Borji wrote: “You should be happy that somebody likes you this much to stalk you.”

Borji was then arrested and didn’t deny sending the emails and said he would apologize to the victim if he could.


Source: Miami Herald, ABC News

Image Source: Miami Herald


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