Angry Woman Bites Man’s Ear Off After Feud Over Chinese Food

A woman from Mount Clemens was arrested after allegedly biting off part of a man’s ear during a fight at a Macomb County Chinese restaurant.

Local authorities reports 24-year-old, Jade Anderson, walked into the restaurant complaining about her order.

The official report states the incident occurred at 9:40 p.m. Thursday, when Macomb County Sheriff deputies were dispatched to a China 1 restaurant in Mt. Clemens on reports of assault. The owner’s son made the call that went like this:

“There’s a violent woman over here hitting my mom,” the son was heard saying. “She also hit me.”

“Who is she?” the 911 operator asks.

“I don’t know,” the son says. “I’m scared. Can you please come? She’s fighting us right now.”

Apparently, 24-year-old Jade Anderson walked into the restaurant complaining about her order – but due to a language barrier, the situation escalated.

The owner’s son was translating what Anderson was saying to his parents when Anderson allegedly pushed the boy and threw her food onto the floor.

She then started assaulting the female owner while the male owner stepped in to protect his wife – in which Anderson turned her attacking to the man who was pushing her out the store. During the ordeal, Anderson bit the man on the ear, partially detaching it.

The man was transported to the hospital and his wife was treated at the scene for her injuries.

After her arrest, deputies learned that Anderson had left a small child at her home unsupervised when she went to the said restaurant.

Deputies reportedly responded to her home and turned the child over to a responsible adult, an official statement said. The child was not harmed.

She was jailed on charges of assault with intent to maim charge. She was given a $20,000 cash/surety bond.


Source: Daily Mail, Miami Herald

Image Source: Daily Mail



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