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Husband Blames Alarm System After Cheating Wife And Mechanic Were Found Dead Inside A Car After An Affair

Kahali Johnson came home to his apartment and smelled a strong odor. He said an alarm went off and he began investigating the smell to the garage where he found his wife, the mechanic and a running car.

“As I tried to step to open the last garage door, I see the mechanic, he’s laid out,” Johnson said, “She’s just a few feet away, she’s laid out. And pretty much I had to call 911, because at this time, with that level of emissions, I knew that they were gone.”

Investigations say, the married woman and her mechanic lover reportedly died from apparent carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in the parking garage.

Hargrave and the unidentified mechanic were discovered just before 9 p.m. on July 9, 2018 at an apartment complex on 18th and New Fairview avenues in Newark, New Jersey.

Authorities are still investigating the deaths. However, they believe they are accidental deaths.

Some reports say, the man and woman were found inside the car, not near it.  According to a law enforcement source, the husband discovered “his wife and the mechanic she was having sex with dead after they were overcome by carbon monoxide in the couple’s garage.”

Tameka’s grieving father and mother expressed grief in an interview. The father saying the death had left him shocked.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do without her,” her mother said. “She was everything to me. She was my world.”

The mother said she had just spoken to Hargrave and “around 5:30 she said she was going to AutoZone to get the oil filter from her mechanic to put it on.”

The grieving husband, Johnson, is blaming the alarm systems in the garage.

“Basically she died because of carbon monoxide,” Johnson said, “They do not have adequate alarm systems, because if there had been an alarm in that garage, people would have been alerted to the fact that it was going on.”


Source: Daily Mail, ABC News

Image Source: Daily Mail


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