DISGUSTING: Onlookers Film Drunk Man Raping Woman In Broad Daylight

Whatever happened to people doing the right thing? How can anyone witness a horrific crime taking place and proceed to do nothing but take pictures? That’s exactly what happened in India where a woman was being raped while pedestrians proceeded to allow it to happen and just took photos of the incident.

A woman was raped by a drunk man in full public view in broad daylight on a busy street in Visakhapatnam, police said on Monday, but dozens of passers-by filmed the crime instead of coming to her help.

The woman, reportedly in her late 20s, had been resting under a tree by a footpath in the city of Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh, on the Bay of Bengal.

She was then attacked and raped by a 23-year-old cleaner, in full view of passersby at around 2.30pm.

The woman had reportedly left her family home on the outskirts of the city two days earlier after a fight with her husband.

The incident took place in New Railway Colony between Tadichetlapalem and the railway station at around 2.30pm on Sunday. The accused, Ganji Siva, a 23-year-old truck cleaner, was arrested in the evening and was produced before the court on Monday. He was sent to two weeks of judicial remand.

Visakhapatnam IV town police sub-inspector K Suresh told HT that the woman (43) had left her house two days ago after a family dispute.

“Apparently, she was very weak as she had not eaten for several hours and was sleeping on the footpath under the shadow of a tree, when Siva, in an inebriated condition assaulted her sexually,” Suresh said.

Passers-by did not bother to stop him even as the woman was too weak to even scream.

“Instead, some of them were more interested in capturing the incident on their mobile phones. After some time, an auto driver, RG Srinu, shot a short video of it and brought it to our notice,” the policeman said.

Horrifying: Video shows several people casually walking by as the woman is being raped

The video clip shows people walking past, while the man was sexually assaulting the woman. Even the auto driver did not stop the rape. “It clearly shows how the people have become insensitive to attacks on women,” Suresh said.

By the time the police rushed to the spot, Siva had already left on his bike. Based on the information given by Srinu and other locals, the police traced Siva and took him into custody.

The attack took place in the city of Visakhapatnam, in Andhra Pradesh, on the Bay of Bengal

They sent the woman to King George Hospital for medical examination. “We have booked a case under Section 376 of the Indian Penal Code,” the police officer said, adding that the details of the woman were yet to be gathered.

Since the video first appeared on social media, many have responded with outrage that no one helped the victim.

A person calling themselves Bhaskar Rao tweeted: ‘Broad Daylight rape in Vizag on footpath, no one came ahead to help women. It’s disgusting. We all hve become merciless,no fight for justice.’ [sic]

Arunoday Mukharji added ‘Is this for real? A woman raped on a footpath in #Vizag while people walk past without intervening. Has it come down to this? Speechless.’

The world has lost its mind. Social media has destroyed peoples sense of right and wrong. Why help someone when you can just snap a photo or take a video and post it on Facebook for some likes? This has to change and people need to start doing the right thing.

H/T Daily Mail, Hindustantimes


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