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Drunk Thug Picks Fight With Street Vendor, Learns A Painful Lesson [WATCH]

If you’re drunk, what you should do is call a cab or have someone drive you home so you can sleep it off. What you should not do is pick a fight with someone because the person you choose, maybe waiting for someone stupid like you.

In the video below, a drunken man relentlessly harasses a street vendor. He first tries to topple the street vendor’s cart and when that doesn’t work out, be begins to shove the cart into the vendor who barely missed being trapped between the cart and the railing.

After ensuring that his means of making a living hasn’t sustained major damage, the street vendor backs away in a concerted effort to diffuse the situation. Being the belligerent fool that he his, the drunkard squares up and even begins to chase after the street vendor.

The drunkard continues to push his luck by swinging wildly, coming nowhere close to hitting his intended victim.

Bad move, fruitcake.

The vendor, fed up with the stupidity, has had enough by this point and makes his move by throwing a quick punch that connects squarely with the drunkards face, ultimately laying him out in a cold stupor and bleeding.



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