Hillary Clinton Caught on Hot Mic Admitting EMBARRASSING Secret [VIDEO]

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck has released an embarrassing video clip of Hillary Clinton, which shows just how desperate her campaign for the White House has become.

Speaking to a supporter after her double-digit loss to Bernie Sanders in the Wisconsin primary, Clinton apparently did not realize that the microphone directly in front of her was still on… Oops!

She can be heard admitting to the man to her left that “we’ve got to get the energy going.”


As actor Clint Howard put it, “America’s not going to elect a bitter old grandmother,” and Hillary’s lackluster political campaign is looking more like an elderly knitting party each day.

Despite her best efforts, she’s putting people to sleep.

Beck likened the offhand remark to Jeb Bush’s cringeworthy request that an unresponsive audience “please clap” for him, and we all know how his campaign turned out…

As Mr. Conservative reported, thanks to the FBI investigation into her conduct as Secretary of State and the surging popularity of her rival Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s quest for the Democratic presidential nomination is far from the sure thing many pundits thought it would be.

She certainly doesn’t need anymore embarrassing videos like this one getting out… Which means we should definitely share it far and wide!



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