This Could Be The Dumbest Group Of Girls On The Planet [WATCH]

A video went viral after it was uploaded on social media. A group of girls, most of them who were going to have a party, were asked about basic questions of common knowledge. Their answers will make you in tears because of too much laughter.

This video has gone viral since it was uploaded on YouTube as it reached more than 2.3 million views.

The questions being asked were not too difficult to answer because they are very basic. Like ‘how many stars are on the American Flag?’

What State did the Boston Tea Party happen in?

How Many letters in the alphabet?

Their answers were funny and the reaction clips in the video add to the fun factor that makes the whole video even funnier.

There are also questions that answers can be found in the question itself. For example, they were given a question “what cube did Erno Rubik invent?”

But they still have not gotten it.

I guess it is the time they need to go home and read a book. Any book, at this point, would be a start. For some of them, even a board book.

Sources: Facebook/Mad World NewsClash Daily Video Credit: YouTube



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