Texas Woman Tries to Stop Arrest of Her Illegal Alien Husband

A car was pulled over for not having a license plate properly mounted on the front of the vehicle. Once pulled over the cop somehow discovers the man is here illegally. We have no idea how he found out, because it’s not in the video, but that doesn’t matter anyway. So, the cop detains the husband and calls ICE.

We don’t know when the video was taken, but we do know that in May of this year Texas passed a law that allows police to ask about immigration status, and also threatens police with jail time if they refuse to work with federal law enforcement on immigration. This was done to fight sanctuary cities. Either way, the woman is on video making some really dumb statements.

The woman, who identifies the man as her husband, keeps saying that it’s unconstitutional to ask someone about their legal status.  If someone is here illegally they have no Constitutional rights, but this woman is certain her illegal husband does.   She even says he’s here illegally while claiming the officer has no right to detail him or to ask about his legal status.  She believes only ICE can do that.

She also keeps arguing that she (not him, she) has rights and that she knows her (not his, her) rights, even though the officer isn’t arresting her.

The dumbest thing she argues is that they’re not even close to the border. That makes about as much sense as saying a cop doesn’t have the right to arrest a bank robber if he’s nowhere near the bank he robbed.

This misunderstanding is because of eight years of Barack Obama bastardizing our immigration laws to the point where illegals believe they have every right to be here and that they have Constitutional rights.   That’s what happens when you elect a radical leftist who disregarded immigration laws, and violated the Constitution to bring as many illegals here as possible.  It’s sickening.

Liberals will say, “You’re breaking up a family!”  That’s as absurd an argument as saying we can’t put a bank robber in prison because it would break up his family.  The truth is the illegals and those who support them are breaking up families.

This what we’re up against, folks. People believing the nonsense of the Obama years, and they look at us like we’re the ones in the wrong when we point out to them that they’ve been living in a fantasy world all this time. Is it any wonder the Left hates Donald Trump, a man who wants to make America great again, in part, by getting rid of the idea that anyone is allowed to come into our country illegally?



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