He Survived an Assassination! NOW He Is Out To DESTROY Hillary!

He Survived an Assassination! NOW He Is Out To DESTROY Hillary!

FBI Informant, William Campbell has gone into hiding after an attempt on his life was made.

He has DIRT on Hillary that will take her down. And he does plan to use it!

William Campbell has been an informant for five years and was tasked with the assignment of gathering info on all intel relating to the Russian Government attempts to gain atomic energy from the U.S.

This news first broke when the Clinton Foundation was involved with Russian Bribery during the sale of Uranium. It was done with such anonymity from the source that led to the liberal defense believing the source had no value.
Well, that source is no longer anonymous! William Campbell has confessed to being the FBI informant who brought about this testimony and was due to be delivered in front of Congress today.

However, in Clinton’s true fashion, he has been forced into hiding after being ambushed by an armed assailant while hiking in a wooded area near his home.

Reuters.com reported that a Russian insider by the name of William Campbell was due to testify in front of Senate meeting on Monday and about Hillary Clinton taking bribes during uranium scandal.

Campbell is now in hiding after telling friends that he survived an assassination on his life.

Legal analysts have warned that this testimony could put Hillary Clinton in jail for “twelve plus years.”

William Campbell has become more concerned for his well-being and might not make the meeting at all.

Campbell warned that he  “already survived one attempt” on his life “since it was made public by the Sessions DOJ that I intend to testify.”

He also claimed that if he had not been carrying his personal firearm, he would have been killed during that hike behind his residence.

Campbell state that he was approached by an armed man. He went on to further explain that he drew his weapon and held it where the man could see it until the man was out of sight.

Campbell stated, “I was prepared for any eventuality.” He stated “the stakes are very high, I understand that. Was this man connected to anybody I plan to testify against on Monday? I have no proof. But I can’t take risks, which is why I have gone into hiding until Monday.”

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