Look What Democrats Are Trying To Take From Senior Citizens Now

Alderman from Manchester, N.H. suggested to a meeting of committee that he wants a program created by the government to get elderly people to leave their homes they can no longer afford, arguing the city “can’t be run by the elderly.”

New Hampshire state representative Ald Christopher Herbert made the comments during a meeting of the Joint Committee on Education on May 24. A video was posted after the meeting on YouTube.

Herbert narrated that his 85-year-old neighbour can no longer afford to stay at her house, saying that instead offering her tax credits, the government should have a program to get her out of her home.

“I’ve got an 85-year-old woman that lives across the street, and, and she won’t give up her house,” Herbert said. “She’s sitting on $350,000 and she can’t afford it anymore, and you’re saying give her a tax credit. No, we should have a program that gets her out of the house.”

Herbert added that new people need to “occupy” those houses and the city cannot be run by the elderly.

“I mean, we need to get new people to come in and, and, occupy those houses. We can’t be run by the elderly in a city—that, that, that’s foolishness,” Herbert said. “I mean, if you want to go do that you can go down to the communities outside of Orlando. And they have a lot of money.”

Co-Ald. Barbara Shaw responded to herbert’s comments by mentioning that she considers herself elderly and wants to keep her home.

Fellow Ald. Barbara Shaw responded to Herbert’s comments by noting that she considers herself elderly and wants to keep her home.

“Well, I’m 75 years old, and I consider myself basically elderly, but I want to keep my house and I’m on a pension, a teaching pension,” Shaw said.

Herbert has received backlash for his comments on his social media pages. The alderman defended himself and said people are mischaracterizing his words, arguing his comments were referring to a program to “help the elderly monetize their property without being taken advantage of by the private market.”

Sources: My Right America, Mad World News/Facebook/ Video Credit: YouTube/Kimberly Morin



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