Just In: Trey Gowdy Calls For Trump’s Advisors To Resign In Move Reminiscent of Benedict Arnold “Reevaluate Whether or Not [You] Can Serve In This Administration”

Elder Patriot – House Oversight Committee and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy appeared with Bret Baier this morning on Fox News Sunday:


Gowdy cited overwhelming evidence of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and President Trump’s refusal “to say that and act like it” for his reason to tell Trump’s advisers “to reevaluate whether or not they can serve in this administration.”
“The president either needs to rely on the people he has chosen to advise him, or those advisers need to reevaluate whether or not they can serve in this administration, but the disconnect cannot continue. The evidence is overwhelming. And the president needs to say that and act like it.”

It’s truly sad to watch Gowdy vacillate between defending the system and attacking the president. The fact is it’s not as simple as Gowdy wants to make it. And President Trump understands that.

Yes, Russia meddled in the election but the lack of candor about Russia’s meddling is outrageous and Gowdy has made no attempt to make that clear whenever he seizes the opportunity to criticize Trump.

As we pointed out earlier today, the Russians hacked the Republicans just as aggressively as they did the Democrats. Their primary intent to sow discord and create chaos in our political system. And, to that end, Gowdy is helping them achieve that.

Trump’s disdain for the special prosecutor, the DOJ and the FBI is well founded. Remember, as Gowdy told us, the president knows as much or more about every aspect of our intelligence operations as anyone else. That fact alone suggests Gowdy may be speaking out of turn.

Keep in mind almost all highly sensitive intelligence is compartmentalized and the president is one of only a few people, if any others, to have seen it all. And, Gowdy isn’t one of them.

With that in mind, listen to former federal prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy who has a deep allegiance to the FBI and DOJ – he prosecuted Blind Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven others in 1995 following the first World Trade Center bombing – and who only recently has seen enough to conclude that this is a sham investigation.

When asked what his takeaway was after he reviewed the 412-page FISA application that was just released McCarthy said:

“I’m really embarrassed. I told people for months that this could never ever happen. What I told people was you’re not even going to hear about the dossier when we finally learn what’s in the FISA warrant.

“That the FBI will do is what the FBI always does which is that they’ll take 7 or 8 facts that are important, they’ll scrub them, that the FBI can corroborate them, and those will be put into the affidavit. And that will be the only thing you hear about.

“When you read this thing it’s astonishing. It’s as if they took the dossier and they slapped a [indistinguishable] court caption on it, and gave it to the judge. Which is exactly what I told people would never happen.”


“Well, actually I must say this is so bad that they ought to be looking at the judges who signed off on this, not just the people who gave [prepared] it.

“This is so bad that it screams out at you.

“This is just three lines from page 53: The FBI has reviewed this verified application for accuracy in accordance with its procedures.

“They haven’t verified it and it’s not accurate. So the two most important things, three and a half lines and they can’t even get that right.

“What they’re saying is the assertions we’re making to the court we verified.

“Now just to explain how this works. Forget about FISA and intelligence.

“Let’s say it’s a drug case and I want a warrant because I think they’re making heroine packages in a house.

“So I bring my agent to the judge and I say ‘we need a search warrant’ and the judge says ‘what’s your probable cause?’ And I say to the judge ‘I have this great agent here, every year he wins agent of the year. He is like the best agent! He’s got the most awards..’ [Christopher Steele]

“The judge will look at me and say ‘but what’s the probable cause. What did the people see and who are the people that saw it because why should I believe you?’”

“I would have to bring media reports if I didn’t have anything else. Cause they have this guy Steele who helped them in another case and they don’t have any idea who his sources are.

“His sources are unidentified, They’re Russians. And they themselves are operating on hearsay information. So for the most part even his sources are not claiming that they they saw and heard the things they are asking the judge to rely on.

“The government isn’t even bringing the sources to them [the judges], they’re bringing Steele!”


“I’m betting he [the agent who signed the application whose name has been redacted] probably has been interviewed already. I don’t know why they redact the name of the agent since the names of the judges are unredacted.

“I’m sure what they would tell you is that ‘what I meant when I said it was true and accurate is this really is what Steele told us.’ That isn’t what you [the judges] need to know.

“What you need to know is why should the judge believe what Steele represented his sources [told him].

“If you look at it, they keep going back every three months and the warrant looks exactly the same. Now there’s all kinds of redacted stuff but it looks to me like they kept bringing back the same stuff including the Michael Isikoff article.”

What Gowdy refuses to acknowledge, for reasons known only to himself, is that President Trump is the target of a coup attempt and his refusal to take sides is confusing to the public.

While it’s true that Russia (and every other capable country) consistently hacks every aspect of our infrastructure – including the 2016 election – there is no evidence to conclude that they hacked Clinton with the intent to help Trump. They’ve been doing this since the 1990’s to sow discord and to create chaos.

This time they succeeded, however, because the Democrats have used it to create justification to remove a duly elected president. Remember that when they say an American elected official colluded with Russia. Only, it wasn’t Trump or his associates. It’s the Democrats.

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