VIDEO: TEEN STUDENTS SWARM AND ATTACK 7 Police Officers At Middle School Carnival [Video]

What started out as fun and games quickly turned into aggression and violence. 


During a school carnival at a middle school in California many came to enjoy the free entertainment, fun rides, and good food. However, the day soon turned into a nightmare as a huge crowd of teens decided to swarm a group of police officers.

The officers were responding to a boy who was given a knife, and the crowd of people were not happy with the way the officers respond. The crowd swarmed the officers and attacked them with violence. At least eight people have been arrested for major offenses against law enforcement. And you have to remember… this is at a middle school event. Gosh! What are these kids parents teaching them. Apparently not manners or respect for your elders. 

According to 100percentfedup:

The video clip below is shocking and shows teens attacking police officers.



Via SF Gate:

A crowd of more than 200 swarmed police officers at a Morgan Hill middle school carnival Friday night after the cops arrested a boy who had given a knife to another student, officials said.

Several police officers suffered minor injuries in the melee, drawing paramedics and nearly 60 law enforcement officers from surrounding cities, the sheriff’s office and the California Highway Patrol. By the end of the night, eight juveniles had been arrested and jailed.

The trouble started earlier in the day at Britton Middle School, which was holding a carnival with rides, games, food and free admission, according to the Facebook event. School employees told two Morgan Hill police officers stationed at the carnival that a boy there had a knife. That young person was arrested without any issues around 6 p.m., police said.

School officials identified the boy who had given him the knife, and told police that the same juvenile had been kicked off campus earlier in the day after causing a disturbance.

“When police attempted to contact him, he responded in an aggressive manner, took a fighting stance and threatened officers with bodily harm,” Morgan Hill police said in a statement. “Additional units responded, and the subject was taken into custody. During the arrest, Morgan Hill officers were attacked and assaulted by the suspect and two other juveniles, resulting in minor injuries to the officers.”

A large crowd of people descended on the action, many of whom confronted police and refused to disperse, according to the police department, which called it a “hostile environment.” Some of those in the crowd displayed gang signs, shouted gang slogans and wore clothing affiliated with gangs, police said.

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