Pro-Life Org Took Over An Old Abortion Clinic, What They Saw That Was Left Behind Proves Planned Parenthood Was Lying…

Anyone that has taken over a property from a previous owner or tenant can tell you that every so often you will find things from the people that were there previously.

For example, the home that my wife and I moved into a couple of years ago had some old Christmas decorations that the previous owner left in the attic.

Most of the time you get innocuous stuff like that. Every once in a while though you get something that shows just how evil some people can be.

The announcement that a newly vacant seat on the Supreme Court will allow President Donald Trump to nominate a pro-life justice has sent the left into a tantrum.
Still reeling from losing the White House after telling themselves that Trump could never win, liberals are now facing the sobering fact that conservatives could control the presidency, House, Senate, and the Supreme Court in a very short time.

That situation has brought the abortion debate back into the spotlight — and it’s almost impossible to talk about abortion without bringing up Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

The supposedly pro-woman organization, which actually terminates the lives of hundreds of thousands of future women before they have a chance to be born every year, has gone into overdrive to paint the Supreme Court vacancy as a referendum on abortion… and they may not be completely wrong.

Much ink has been spilled in the “pro-life” versus “pro-choice” debate, and it’s a safe bet that you already have a firm opinion on the issue. While one more article — namely, this one — won’t sway the decades-old argument, it is meant to bring up an inconvenient fact for the left: Planned Parenthood doesn’t seem to care about women nearly as much as it claims.
We aren’t even talking about the unborn female lives that have been ended by the supposedly oh-so-caring organization. Nor are we talking about the disturbing scandals such as alleged sales of human body parts that have rocked Planned Parenthood.

A less appalling but rather serious incident happened two years ago, and it strongly suggests that the liberal-backed group sees woman not as people worth protecting, but as mere numbers in some sort of grotesque factory.

In 2016, a Planned Parenthood location in Iowa closed its doors, and the building was sold to a local crisis pregnancy center — an organization that helps women give birth to healthy children instead of aborting them. When the new owners entered the building, they found something incredible: Stacks of detailed health information records for a shocking 2,500 different women.

“In early May, a Dubuque office affiliated with Planned Parenthood of the Heartland completed the sale of its property to Clarity Clinic, a local pregnancy help organization, and left behind a closet full of patient files that took Planned Parenthood staff 10 days to come and pick up,” reported Life News at the time.

That’s a serious breach. Health privacy is a big deal, with federal laws imposing strict regulations on how a patient’s personal information is kept secure. Clarity Clinic even called the police and the local health department to make authorities aware of the incident, according to Life News.

Planned Parenthood apparently didn’t care that it had potentially exposed the identities and intimate health details of thousands of women who had come to the clinic for various services, which could have ranged from simple counseling to STD treatment to full abortions.

Even when the new building occupants notified Planned Parenthood of the privacy breach, the supposedly pro-woman liberal organization acted extremely disinterested in fixing it.

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