4th July Terrorist Attack JUST Thwarted, Bombing Plot By Al-Qadia Lone-wolf [WATCH]

As reported by DC| The FBI has arrested a man who told an undercover agent that he was planning to bomb a Fourth of July parade in Cleveland, Ohio.

Authorities said during a press conference on Monday morning that the man expressed allegiance to al-Qaida.


“Over the next several weeks, [the suspect] continued to express his radical ideology and his desire to commit violence against the United States,” Stephen Anthony, the FBI agent in charge of the case, said. “Just last week, during an in-person meeting with an undercover agent, [the suspect] suggested words to the effect, ‘I did tell myself that their holiday is coming up … what would hit them in the core? Blow up a bomb. Blow up a Fourth of July parade.’”

The suspect also expressed a hatred toward the military and a desire to “cut off” hands and heads.


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