Reporter Asked Trump if He’s Too Scared to Fire Mueller, What He Said Next Left The Room in Silence

President Trump is turning heads and dropping jaws as Democrats try and attack him from every angle. 

He has stood firm and will not break his grip as he fights against their conspiracies and lies. President Trump was in Mar-a-Lago last night with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe holding a joint Press Conference.

However, what started out nice and civil, soon turned into reporters attempting to make the whole conference about the Russia probe. One reporter questioned the President to see if he was frightened to fire Mueller or Rosenstein. President Trump made the reporter regret even asking the question with his brutal response. 

Via subjectpolitics:
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The President shot back, pointing out all the reasons the investigation must end. More importantly, he sent Mueller and Rosenstein a FIRM warning that he has the authority end this witch hunt if they don’t wrap it up.

“Jennifer, I can say this — that there was no collusion, and that’s been so found, as you know, by the House Intelligence Committee. There’s no collusion. There was no collusion with Russia, other than by the Democrats… This was a — really a hoax created largely by the Democrats as a way of softening the blow of a loss…”

“As far as the investigation, nobody has ever been more transparent than I have instructed our lawyers — “Be totally transparent.” I believe we’ve given them 1.4 million pages of documents, if you can believe this. And haven’t used — that I know of, or for the most part — presidential powers or privilege. So we are hopefully coming to the end. It is a bad thing for our country — very, very bad thing for our country. But there has been no collusion. They won’t find any collusion. It doesn’t exist…”

Then, President Trump shocked the room by turning the table on the Democrats and exposing their suspicious activities linking THEM to Russia. He also points out how the FBI never inspected the DNC server that was supposedly hacked by Russia. Trump said:
“You look at the kind of money that was paid. Probably some went to Russia. You look at Podesta having a company in Russia where nothing happened and people don’t talk about it. You look at the fact that their server — the DNC server — was never gotten by the FBI. Why didn’t the FBI take it? The FBI takes what they want. They go in; they wouldn’t get the server. This is a hoax.”

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