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12-Year-Old Girl’s Shocking Photos Spark Outrage, Death Threats (WATCH)

A schoolgirl posted several photos on Facebook, photos sparks controversy.

Aryanna Gourdin post photos of with wild animals she killed on an African Safari, received death threats for it but vowed that she would never stop hunting.

Aryanna who went on the hunting trip with her dad Eli, said she does not regret killing the huge giraffe, a zebra and a wildebeest on the holiday despite being called a ‘murderer’ by angry online users.

Aryanna said on Good Morning America that she will never give up the sport she loved.

She said: “It’s something I cherish and enjoy and I want other people to see what I experienced.

“I would never back down from hunting. I am a hunter and no matter what people say to me, I’m never going to stop.”

Dad Eli told the show that the giraffe which his daughter killed was a “problem” animal in the area and was “eating up valuable resources other giraffes need to survive.”

He claimed that the meat from the tragic beast fed 800 orphans in a local village in South Africa.

The protective father added: “I don’t tell anybody else how to raise their children.

“We’re proud to be hunters and we’ll never apologise for being a hunter.”

Aryanna, who has been hunting since she was seven, called the trip to South Africa “one of my dream hunts for sure.”

The young girl’s gruesome pictures of her kills have led to an avalanche of online hate including death threats.



Sources: Cooking Panda, The Shred/Facebook/ Video Credit: ABC



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