“F*ck You!” When A Man Is Accused of ‘Stolen Valor’, Things Get Heated [VIDEO]

A furious bystander was captured on video confronting a man dressed in uniform of “stolen valor” at a bar in Sunrise, Florida, sparking a heated exchange that appeared to have nearly spun out of control following the accusation.

Eric Coins uploaded the video of the confrontation on YouTube on April 10, alleging that the man dressed in a “battle ready uniform” was trying to pick up girls and get “sympathy drinks” by pretending to be a soldier. In the video’s description, Coins said the man got tripped up after a few basic questions and couldn’t even say where he received his infantry training for boot camp.

Things got immediately tense after Coins finally came out and accused the man of committing a “federal offense” by pretending to be in the military. Federal law prohibits the impersonation of a military officer if the individual is attempting to obtain money, property or other “tangible” benefit.

“Do you know know where infantry camp is? It’s in Fort Benning, Georgia,” Coins is heard saying in the video. “That’s a federal offense! There are people who fucking die in that uniform!” Coins says in the video.

They fought a bit, and the other man took umbrage with what Coins was accusing him of, and shouted back, “Come on, call the cops,” the man in uniform responds. “Fuck you! Fucking try me nigga.”

“Try me!” the man repeats.

In a second video, bar staff can be seen holding back the man accused of “stolen valor” as they tried to prevent violence from breaking out.



In the video’s description, Coin describes the man as “scum.”

“…he’s a scum to America and we couldn’t let that fly,” he wrote.

Have you, our readers, ever encountered someone who was guilty of Stolen Valor? Leave us a comment below and tell us about it.

H/T: Mediaite

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