Woman who mocked police officer on Facebook about getting away receives MAJOR dose of Karma

A woman who mocked police for letting her go despite being in possession of an illegal weapon was tricked into meeting with a police officer.

Kayla Irizarry, 19, of Washington was a passenger in a car that was driven by her boyfriend, Giovanni Powell, 27, when he was pulled over by police for a traffic violation.

Powell was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

The arresting officer was able to see the butt of a handgun protruding from under the driver’s seat of the vehicle as well as a live round inside.

Powell, who is a convicted felon, was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and driving while suspended. The vehicle was impounded pending a search warrant.

Moses Lake police officers had no legal reason to detain Irizarry so they allowed her to walk free, but she left a small purse in the vehicle.

A subsequent search warrant on the vehicle revealed that the purse that contained her identification, drugs, and a pistol, which Irizzary is not eligible to possess as she is a felon.

Officers were not able to immediately locate her.

They wrote on Facebook: “Officers are still attempting to locate Irizarry and arrest her on charges of felon in possession of a firearm and possession of heroin charges. If you see her, please let us know and we would be happy to take her back to jail again.”

Irizzary got on MLPD’s Facebook page and was bragging about getting away.

“Here’s a hint of where I’m at: not in jail,” she wrote.

Detectives decided to have the last laugh and set up a meeting with Irizzary ironically enough using social media.

At about 2:30 a.m., Irizzary showed up to meet with an undercover detective.

When she realized she had been set up, she fled on foot.

She was caught and booked into the Grant County Jail on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of heroin. Both charges stem from the original incident.

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