Snopes Fact-Checker EXPOSED As a Failed Liberal Blogger and Downright FRAUD

Snopes started out fact checking news of the weird and eventually tried to remake itself as a political fact checking site. But now it has been exposed as a fraud. The main fact checker is Kim Lacapria, who was formerly with Inquisitr, a site known for publishing fake quotes and hoaxes.

Lacapria was a huge disaster as a writer with many of her stories getting just 10 to 20 shares. She was a vitriolic far left wing blogger. While at Inquisitr she described herself as an openly left leaning liberal.

In her articles, she described Bill Clinton as one of the greatest presidents of all time and called Tea Party members as Teahadists.

Lacapria’s “fact checking” comes with a far left leaning ideology. Take a recent article for example. She said that comparisons between Carter’s moratorium against Iranians is totally different from Trump’s suggestion of banning Muslims from entry into the United States until we have a real way of vetting who we are letting into the country. She described Carter’s actions as a security measure taken as a last resort. She ignores that the United States is experiencing terror attacks right here in this country, which a reasonable person would want to keep out more terrorists.

Jimmy Carter also deported 14,768 Iranians. Considering the number of terror attacks committed by refugees or the children of refugees (Orlando, Boston Marathon bombing, Ft Hood 1 and 2, Chattanooga recruitment center shooting, the San Bernardino shootings) would make admitting unvetted refugees a security issue. Remember, at least two of the Paris terrorists were refugees.

Lacapria even did a fact check on Omar Mateen’s democratic voter registration. In that article she argued that just because he was a registered democrat, didn’t mean he was actually a democrat.
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