Military Service Member Brags About Girlfriend, Learns Quickly She’s Been Shooting Porn While He Was Away [WATCH]

Disclaimer: We are not sure where the Navy Seal thing came from as he is clearly wearing US Army gear…

but here is the story…

As Buzz.IE reported:

A Navy Seal posted a photo of his ‘hot girlfriend’ online, only to be told that she was doing porn in his absence.
It must be tough going away for long stretches of time while training to be in the military.

Especially when you’ve got a “super hot” girlfriend to show off.

Which is why one poor lad decided to brag about missing his other half while he was away training with the US Navy.

Taking to website 4chan, the lad posted a photo of himself in a military uniform stood next to his girlfriend alongside the caption: “Rate me and my gf.

“Just finished Navy Seal training, I’m the most alpha on 4chan.”

In person, it probably isn’t wise to get on the wrong side of a Navy Seal.

But behind the comfort and anonymity of a computer screen, anyone is fair game.

navy seal girlfriend porn

Which is why when somebody discovered the Seal’s girlfriend had not only cheated on him but filmed it and posted it on porn sites too, they let him know about it.

One 4chan user commented: “She’s beautiful mate, shame she’s a feature on Girls Do Porn.”

Then the responses came flooding in, with one person writing: “Ahahah this can’t be real life.”

Another – who linked to her X-rated video – said: “Oh that’s unreal.”
navy seal girlfriend porn
The video showed up on Pornhub and other popular adult sites
YouTube vlogger Lord Spoda even created an entire dissection of the savage story for his 90,000 followers.

He said: “This is the internet, you just can’t do stuff like that, you can’t sneak around like that.

“He found out about it and of course as you can imagine he was shattered. The relationship is over.”



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