EPIC FAIL! Guy Tries To Show Off Shooting Shotgun With One Hand [RAW VIDEO]

Let this video be a cautionary tale: don’t try to fire a shotgun with one hand.

 Things will end badly. We know that most logical people are well aware of this, but in case you weren’t, take it from John, whose misstep with his gun was captured in this video. Spoiler alert: things didn’t go so well.As he prepares to take a shot, a friend recommends, “Shoot it one handed though.” Not a great idea. Another friend notes, “Make sure you grip that son of a bitch tight.”

John seems confident that all will go well, but it doesn’t (big surprise), as he attempts to fire the gun one-handed, the gun shot goes off, and the weapon flies out of his hand and smacks him in the face before dropping to the ground. He’s left with a giant bloody gash.

This all could have gone so much worse, we suppose. We’re also left wondering why someone would even attempt such a stunt, just because a friend suggested it.

His “friends” aren’t even that concerned when it happens, having a laugh over the incident, as one guysgets a particularly huge kick out of it, carrying on and slapping his knee. Maybe it’s time to hang with a new crew, John?

One person says, “Oh my god” when they see the gash on his forehead. The cameraman notes, “John, you’re bleeding,” adding, “Holy s**t, let’s see the wound. Yeah, that’s gonna need stitches.”

As John holds a cloth to the wound to stop the bleeding, someone notes the bright side of this situation, commenting: “Dude if you have a scar though you’d look like you’re doing The Rock eyebrow all the time.”

The video, which was uploaded by ViralHog, noted in the description: “At a friend’s parents house in their back yard. Loaded a sawed off 12 gauge with a 3-inch heavy magnum buckshot load. The shooter did not hold on to the gun nearly tight enough. No trip to the hospital or stitches were required. Everyone is ok but things could have been much worse. always wear ear and eye protection when shooting… and hold on to the gun!”

Commenters on the Daily Mail’s coverage of the story were not impressed with the video, writing: “More proof, if needed, it is not guns that cause accidents and kill people it is idiots with guns that do so,” “Can’t cure stupid. I don’t even like shooting a .357 magnum one handed. Trigger guard hits my middle finger,” and “Not news…just another stupid trigger happy American.”

Others joked: “he passes the US intelligence test for people to buy a gun,” “Now that’s using your head,” and “Ah, idiots and guns, great combination. What could possibly…oh.”



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