KARMA: After CNN Attacked Him For 2 Days, Sean Hannity Leaked Their Worst Nightmare on Live TV

It’s unfortunate about the amount of hypocrisy coming from the liberal mainstream media.

First all the hype about the anti-gun organizations and Second Amendment rights, and now it’s all about “conflict of interest against Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is a strong supporter of President Trump and a conservative who is clean and to the point about his political view points. However, CNN and the rest of the liberal mainstream media think otherwise, as they spent all of Monday and Tuesday bombarding Sean Hannity for speaking with Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen for some private counsel.

The media is saying that by meeting with Cohen, Hannity has created a “conflict of interest” and it ruins Sean’s credibility as a person. Hannity made sure to clear up that he never hired President Trump’s layer, and they just had a private discussion between the two. Of course this doesn’t stop the crazy extremist media from their hypocrisy and lies, as they tried everything in their power to destroy Hannity. Thank God Hannity was ready to fight back and exposed CNN’s dirty little secret.

Reported by subjectpolitics:

But Hannity went on live TV last night and leaked CNN’s worst nightmare. He exposed the sick secret 2 famous reporters never wanted coming out. (Video Below)

“I’m not surprised the media is going after me. It’s predictable, it’s pathetic. Now here’s the truth. The media is guilty of every single solitary thing they’ve been accusing ME of over the last 24 hours.”

“The media is the sewer. They are the swamp. And they’re part of this incestuous corruption and conflict and they sure don’t want to talk about transparency. Here’s why…”

Watch the clip and spread this story so it goes viral.

First, Hannity revealed that Jake Tapper used to be a spokesman for an Anti-Gun organization, but failed to disclose this when he hosted CNN’s “Town Hall” on gun violence.

Tapper also was a spokesman for a Democratic Congresswoman whose son is Married to Chelsea Clinton.

Hannity: “Oh so did Fake News CNN ever disclose all of this when he hosted CNN’s gun control town hall a few months ago? And I wonder if Jake is going to disclose all of this on his show tomorrow? I DOUBT IT!”

“According to the Center for Public Integrity, 96% of Presidential Campaign donations from journalists went to Hillary Clinton. Will all those people now come clean about their political contributions. And their support for Hillary Clinton?”

Then, he played a disturbing clip of George Stephanopoulos, the ABC reporter who interviewed Comey.  In the clip, George is verbally THREATENING political opponents while he was a senior member of Bill Clinton’s Presidential Campaign.

Then, Stephanopoulos served as a senior advisor to President Bill Clinton in the White House and donated to the Clinton foundation over the past few years.

But now we’re supposed to pretend Stephanopoulos is an unbiased, trusted reporter? Give me a break.

Hannity points out that he doesn’t pretend to be neutral like these media hacks who are attacking him. He admits he’s a Trump supporter, and a conservative.

These anti-Trump reporters all pretend to be neutral and they have the NERVE to say it’s Hannity who has the conflict of interest?

Rush Limbaugh summed it up perfectly on his show yesterday:

“…There is SO MUCH glaring hypocrisy. It really frosts me that hypocrisy never sticks to these people on the left. THEY define collusion, THEY define conflict of interest, THEY are architects of deceit, THEY Are never forthcoming about who they really are. And if you try to find out, they start squealing like stuck pigs that you can’t. Because they’re ‘protected by the first amendment, they are journalists so they’re never the story you can’t talk about them.”

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