Popular Conservative Host FIGHTS BACK After His Show Was Canceled for “Tweet” About David Hogg

The Riverfront Times Writes:

Last night, in his first public comments since being taken off the air, Allman uploaded a video to Facebook to dispute claims that he had “parted ways” with 97.1 FM station owner Entercom Communications.

“It’s time to expose some truths and some lies,” Allman said after a quick introduction. “[It’s] time to expose people and companies who thought truth is for sale and that we would all go quietly away like a bunch of surrender monkeys to the radical mob.”

That’s because last Tuesday— one day after Allman was officially kicked off KDNL (ABC 30) — the radio host attended his nephew’s confirmation, a fact that he found necessary to repeat in the video no less than four times.

In Allman’s telling, at the time Entercom’s HR representative was pressing him to make a decision on how the company should phrase their announcement of his exit. Did he want the company to say he had “resigned,” or that they had “parted ways”?

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Allman now claims he never signed the company’s paperwork to make that parting of ways official. More than that, he adds that the company is threatening to rip up the deal if he doesn’t delete unspecified posts from his personal Facebook page. (The deal, he also explained, came with a “pretty heavy duty disparagement clause,” and while Allman didn’t specify which posts they wanted deleted, he did at one point post on Facebook that he had not resigned.)

“Now,” he said in the video, “after refusing to sign an agreement to repeat their lies in return for money, they have taken their noble offer off the table and told me that if I do not take the truth down off of my Facebook page, they’re going to fire me for cause.”


We at Tactical Shit have run our ads on 97.1 for a while now and we thought it would be a question to pose to you the reader, should we pull ALL our adds from this station?  If this company is going to FIRE a respected conservative reporter, who is known for telling it like it is regardless if it’s good or bad, what more are they hiding from us?  Saying that Allman WASN’T fired over his Hogg tweets is just HOGWASH, it’s the cloak and dagger behind the scene bullshit that stiffens the spread of actual FACTUAL information to the people instead of the mindnumbing regurgitated rhetoric that you see on the major media shows.

We believe that Allman’s dissmissal from his position was in DIRECT connection to this tweet:

Which caused MASSIVE jimmy rustling from the left and other forms of libtardian triggering. The context of the tweet — and why Allman was citing March 27 as the day for the assault — was not immediately clear. Allman has since made his Twitter account private. By Allman speaking out against what looks to be Hogg’s all out Beta Assault on free speech, WE think his weak and submissive manager bent over backwards to make Allman the sacrificial lamb in order to appease their Hogg overload. Long story short he got cucked, he spoke out against the bullshit and had his feet pulled out from under him by the higher ups.  Just LOOK at this bashing he is receiving from news outlet KSDK.

Hogg is on a warpath, and he is flexing his beta nuts the BEST WAY he knows how.  As seen with Laura Ingraham.  This pitty party MUST STOP, NO LONGER should people like this be able to decide what happens with YOUR RIGHTS.

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