George Soros’ Judge Orders Searchable Database be Made Available of All Materials Seized From Trump’s Attorney

Elder Patriot – The Deep State is pulling out all the stops in their last ditch efforts to end the Trump presidency and avoid their fast arriving days of reckoning.  Just when you think that George Soros can’t really have as many tentacles as conservatives claim he has something comes to pass that makes you realize you’d be crazy to underestimate the reach of this man.

Federal Judge Kimba Wood officiated Soros’ 2013 wedding that was held at his Caramoor Estate.  The judge is obviously a friend of Soros’.  After today’s ruling it might be appropriate to ask how good a friend.

In a wholly inappropriate decree Wood demanded that Trump’s attorney Michal Cohen reveal the names of his clients in open court.  Can you say fishing expedition? 

She followed that by demanding that the entire contents of records seized from Cohen’s office, home, and hotel room be organized on a federal database.  Let that sink in for a minute.

Wood demanded that Cohen reveal publicly in open court who his other clients were if he wanted the court to declare that some of the files were protected by attorney-client confidentiality.

The judge’s orders couldn’t have please anti-Trumper’s like Soros any more than it did.

They will soon have a fully functional database from which to access information to leak to the press.

It’s now clear that anyone who ever had dealings with Donald Trump, on a personal, social or business level, is fair game for the rabid-dogs trying to unseat our president.

What started out based on a piece of opposition research funded by a single political opponent has now become a worldwide search for political dirt on
President Trump funded by the U.S. government.



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