Bully Hits Smaller Student, Doesn’t Realize The Boy Has Special Surprise For Him[WATCH]

The age-old saying goes, “what comes around, goes around.” And in this case, it was a fistful of karma.

A video with over 100,000 views has made its way around the internet after a bully found himself picking on the wrong kid.

In the video that was evidently shot at a high school one can see a student walk to up his classmate and after talking to him for sometime suddenly punches him hard. But, surprisingly, the shorter and the apparently meeker student does not remain quiet, but picks up the bully and flogs him to the ground.

The student looked as if he was trying to ignore the situation, but the bully just wouldn’t let it go. Eventually, the student in the black shirt stood in front of the bullied teen and then threw a punch out of nowhere.

Now, this is when things took a dire turn for the bully.

The teen who was just punched appeared unfazed by the blow and proceeded to immediately take action.

He picked up the much-taller bully and body-slammed him to the ground, punching him in the face before realizing he just knocked him out.

The crowd reacts in shock as the shorter boy then punches him once.

The student who threw the first punch ended up motionless on the ground. It remains unclear if he was seriously injured.

Source: America Now


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