Muslim Sees “Pork-Eating White Girl” And Responds Like A Terrorist, Police IGNORE Everything [VIDEO]


A shocking video shows a Muslim man confronting a man after a traffic accident and unloading a racist rant on him and a female bystander (video below).

In the clip, the Muslim man can be seen yelling at the white man he got in the accident with, telling him he’s not allowed in their country.

“F*cking move your f*cking phone out of my face before I smack you,” the man then yells at the woman, who’s filming the entire thing on her phone.

The Muslim man then begins calling the white man names and insulting his appearance.

“Look at you,” he says. “You eat pork and you f*cking look like pork. You f*cking pig! You f*cking p*ssy!”

The white man tells the Muslim that he’s being racist, prompting the man to call him a “f*cking stupid b*tch.”

Finally, the Muslim clears his throat as if he’s about to spit and approaches the woman. Instead of spitting in her face, he knocks her phone out of her hand and the video ends.

The clip quickly went viral, with many calling for bans similar to ones in the U.S. to be implemented in other Western countries.

“Is this what you libs want in our country? They aren’t so brave and aggressive when there are fewer in the country, so people think they are peaceful. As numbers grow they show their true colors. They then feel confident in demanding that we give them special rights which are the laws they lived by in their own countries. They will never assimilate into our culture, but will demand that we accept theirs,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“If he had talk to me or my wife like that he would have ended up in hospital! The Metropolitan Police the most useless laziest Police force in the country to frightened to do anything if it had been a white person you would have had half the force looking for them!” another reader added.

Others called for the Muslim man to be arrested.

“So, go get the address!!!! Should have called the police when it happened. Yes they have to file reports by the letter. They’re just trying to do their job as they are ordered by law. No need to get mad at the cops cause you didn’t call them while filming on your phone. When will people learn we all have to follow the law even cops. I don’t like anyone to get by with wrong doing . but we do have to follow the step to obtain justice. If it had been me I would have let that phone laid and beat the crap out of him and shut him in his trunk. But that just me and how I would roll. :/after all he threw first punch,” one viewer commented.


Muslim Sees “Pork-Eating White Girl” And Responds Like A Terrorist



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