People Are Freaking Out Over This Girl’s Mirror Selfie, Do You See Why? [PHOTO]

Since posted, the tweet has garnered nearly 67,000 likes and 9,500 retweets.

FASHION FAN: Madeline’s innocent selfie got the internet talking

If there’s one thing the internet can never get enough of, it’s mind-boggling optical illusions.Many of these illusions come in the form of clothing. Two years ago we had #TheDress, where users couldn’t determine whether it was blue and black or gold and white.But the latest item of clothing to send internet fans into a collective meltdown is this striped crop top.


A few days ago, a Twitter user called Madeline posted a mirror selfie of her in a beanie, jeans and a striped top.

Nothing seemed particularly out of the ordinary about this picture until users zoomed in.

This is when the stripes appeared to bend and move.

(Note: if you’re viewing on a desktop or laptop, the optical illusion doesn’t work so below is what it looks like on a phone).




What followed was the internet doing what the internet does best – freak out over something ridiculous.

One user wrote: “Am I faded or did your shirt just switch colours”. Another wrote: “Your shirt is the devil”.

But don’t worry, your eyes aren’t betraying you, her top really does look different when it becomes larger on your phone.


This is due to the way the pixels appear on your phone’s screen when the image is opened up larger. It appears different due to the lower resolution on phone screens.

Before posting the picture, Madeline said she sent three pictures to her friend and that’s the one they decided to post. She told Metro she had “no idea it did that”.

Since posted, the tweet has garnered nearly 10,000 likes and 2,500 retweets.







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