POLITICALLY CORRECT Hits a NEW LOW, Christmas Lights BANNED for Muslim Migrants

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, almost an entire country is banning the use of Christmas lights in the city so they don’t OFFEND Muslim migrants. Are you kidding me?! What else should we change? Should we all beat our wives, stone gay people, and rape children too while we are at it just to make them feel more at home? Please, they need to adjust to the accepting country, not the other way around.

The Swedish Transport Administration claims the polls can’t handle the “weight” of all the lights and “security reasons”, we call BS on the polls. Muslim migrants have been causing chaos in cities like Malmo, where the firebombing of cars and businesses in or near Muslim ghetto ‘no-go areas’ are becoming a routine occurrence.

Don’t think for a second this can’t happen in the U.S. Fortunately Trump is going to be in office and we might make it.

Observatorial has the story:

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The worldwide politically correct push reached a new low this month when many towns in Sweden banned the use of Christmas lights on the street to avoid offending the millions of Muslim migrants that have flooded their country in the last two years.
 A SVT report stated that The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) will not allow municipalities to erect Christmas street lights on light poles that the authority manages, which means that many towns will have no lights at all for the holiday.
 “The change is a victory for those who want to tone down the reminder of the country’s Christian traditions, but according to the Swedish Transport Administration, the decision for the drastic change is ‘security,’” Speisa reported.

“Poles are not designed for the weight of Christmas lights, and we have to remove anything that should not be there,” said Eilin Isaksson, national coordinator at the Swedish Transport Administration, according to Infowars. This argument that lights are too heavy and pose a safety risk is complete bogus, of course. Authorities in Sweden actually expect people to believe that lights normally held up by tree branches are now too weighty to be supported by metal poles. In reality, these lights have simply been banned to avoid offending Muslim “refugees.”

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