Researchers Warn Of Dangerous Disease Impacting People Who Smoke E-Cigarettes [VIDEO]

For most users vaping is an alternative to smoking cigarettes. The vast majority of regular users of vapor products are ex-smokers or current smokers. Nothing compares to the health risks of setting plant material on fire and inhaling the smoke. Half of lifelong smokers die prematurely from smoking-related disease. But hey, we all have our vices.

Harvard School of Public Health did a comprehensive study to examine the potential dangers of vaping. What they discovered revealed there could be cause for great alarm in certain situations. As it turns out, there’s a chemical used for flavoring called diacetyl that can cause irreversible severe lung disease being called “popcorn lung.”

The E-Cigarette and vaping industry has grown into one of the most profitable marketplaces in the world, some experts anticipating a net worth of $10 billion by 2017. Consumers are now able to purchase vaping products that range from 8 dollars to hundreds, available for purchase in common convenience stores, smoke shops, and grocery markets around the world.

Most people are unfortunately unaware of the severity of health risks associated with the dangers of vaping – some adverse affects proving to be just as dangerous as cigarette smoke. From popcorn lungs to MRSA infections, these facts are certain to make you think twice about buying another E-Cig.

One of the greatest risks that has been discovered for E-smokers is known as popcorn lung. “Popcorn lung” is the nickname for bronchiolitis obliterans. It’s a condition that damages your lungs’ smallest airways and makes you cough and feel shortness of breath.

According to BareNaturalHealth:

This name came about back when employees of a microwave popcorn processing facilities found themselves inhaling flavoring and this leading to shortness of breath and chronic coughing. Upon further review, they had discovered scarring in the air sacs of their lungs, which was incurable.
 So just because something is called something seemingly innocuous like cotton candy to attract the younger population doesn’t mean that it’s safe, if you catch my drift.

There’s also a lot more we don’t know yet about the long-term effects because this product is so new on the market.

David Christiani, Professor of Environmental Genetics, said the following:

“They also contain other cancer-causing chemicals, such as formaldehyde…”

Formaldehyde? That’s what they use to embalm dead bodies for crying out loud!

Below is a video that shows what happened to one gentleman who was affected by popcorn lung:

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If you’re not sold on the whole popcorn lung thing, at a minimum, nicotine is a highly addictive substance and although e-cigs are dramatically safer than regular cigarettes, do we want to endorse addiction in any form?

The BBC video below gets into more detail about the safety of e-cigs and nicotine:

There are always risks with whatever you do but it’s safe to say that your chances are better off vaping than chain smoking those cigs all day long. This information may turn people off to the vaping game and if that’s the case then at least you will be saving money.


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