Airforce Vet Now Recovering After What These 4 Teen Girls Did [VIDEO]

(Scroll For Video) A group of teens was caught “terrorizing” a grocery store after surveillance cameras captured their destruction, and now, the teens have been arrested and charged.

Five teenagers entered a Marysville Save Mart and “terrorized the store,” police say.

A Marysville Police spokesperson told FOX40 four teenage girls and one teenage boy vandalized the store aisle by aisle, shouting out gang slogans and throwing grocery items on the ground. One of those items, according to police, was a bottle of oil, which caused a 64-year-old man to slip and fall.

The retired Air Force veteran was taken to Rideout Medical Center and treated for a potentially fractured elbow, according to police.

Store managers told officers on scene that employees tried to stop the teenagers, but one punched the manager in the face. At some point, police say the teenagers went to the liquor aisle, opened a bottle of alcohol, and started drinking.

The two officers who responded to the incident have minor injuries after one of the teen’s resisted arrest.

All five of the teenagers were booked in to juvenile jail on felony vandalism charges, among other charges.

As for a motive, investigators believe the vandalism was fueled by retaliation. Three of the teens were arrested on Monday for shoplifting.

In total, the vandals caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“At one point they even went to the liquor aisle, and they actually opened up some liquor bottles and started consuming alcoholic beverages in the liquor aisle,” a police spokesperson noted.


The disturbing video shows five teens, four girls and one boy, running wild through a Marysville, California grocery store. The teens reportedly ran around the store shouting gang slogans, chugging alcohol, and dumping food into the aisles. One of the teens even poured a bottle of oil on the ground, causing a 64-year-old Air Force veteran to slip and fall. As a result of the fall, the man had to be taken to a local hospital and treated for a fractured elbow.


During the incident, a store manager reportedly tried to intervene, but one of the teens punched him in the face.

Investigators say they believe the vandalism, is estimated to have caused thousands of dollars in damages.

“At one point they even went to the liquor aisle, and they actually opened up some liquor bottles and started consuming alcoholic beverages in the liquor aisle,” a police spokesperson noted.

Reports say that the teens terrorized the grocery store in retaliation for the owners calling the police on them two days earlier when they were there acting out.

Two responding officers reportedly sustained injuries when the 15-year-old boy tried to resist arrest, but despite one girl’s attempt to flee the scene, all five were arrested and booked at a juvenile detention center on charges that include felony vandalism. All in all, the damages are estimated to be around $1,000.

Sources: Daily MailFox 40 News / Photo Source: Daily Mail



  1. Kookie

    October 11, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    A year in jail for each one, a hefty fine, and a lawsuit. Show their pictures. Criminal record for the rest of their lives.

  2. Kookie

    November 9, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    What’s the matter with teenagers these days? Both parents working and teenagers left on their own to raise themselves. Not taught any responsibilities at home, no rules, time on their hands. At that age they Need more discipline than ever. You parents brought them into the world, Your job is not finished when they start first grade. If you can’t raise them right, don’t have them.

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