Couple Arrested After Engaging in Oral Sex During Flight

A 48 year old woman and a 28 year old man who met on a flight to Detroit were arrested after Delta crew were informed by passengers that the two were having oral sex on the flight, using a blanket in trying to hide the woman as she had her head din the man’s lap.  The Delta crew said the woman appeared to be very intoxicated.  When the plane landed in Detroit, the two were arrested, although they were not charged for the crime.

 The man and woman had met on the Delta flight to Detroit, and the woman then switched her seat so she could be next to him, according to a police report obtained by the Detroit Free Press.

A witnesses wrote in the police report that they ‘went to the row and witnessed the lady in the man’s lap performing felatio. … they had a blanket partially covering the ‘act.’ I asked for boarding cards and names.’

The witness said that the woman sat straight up in her seat and the man ‘tried to apologize’.

At about 3.30pm on October 29, Detroit Metro police received a report that two passengers were having intercourse on a plane flying into the airport.

‘Per dispatch, the female involved was reported to be highly intoxicated,’ the report said.

Police officers met the plane at the gate to speak to the couple.

The man said that the woman ‘had fallen asleep in his lap but that they did not have intercourse’, adding that he had ‘grabbed her breasts on the outside of her clothes’.

The woman, whose eyes were ‘bloodshot and read’ was uncooperative and had ‘yelled and screamed’, being ‘continuously disruptive’ as she was taken from the flight.

The passengers were handcuffed and cited by the FBI for lewd and lascivious behavior and for disorderly conduct.

Police allowed both to get their luggage, but when they tried to help the woman re-book a flight, security said she was ‘not permitted to fly Delta’.
She flew out the next day on a new flight without incident.

H/T The Mail Online

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