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Iconic Sports Broadcaster, Vin Scully Delivers Some Bad News to the NFL

Vin Scully is the most well known sports broadcaster in the country and few in the history of sports have ever reached his level of recognition and respect.  So when he announced that he would never watch an NFL game again, it was extremely bad news for the NFL.  A man of his stature is bound to have many other football fans heading for the door.  Scully said that he would never watch another game because of the protests of the national anthem.

 Legendary baseball announcer Vin Scully is boycotting the NFL over national anthem protests.

“I will never watch another NFL game,” the former Dodgers announcer told the audience while speaking at an event in Pasadena about Roger Goodell and the NFL, according to TMZ Sports.

This is not surprising at all. Scully is known as one of the most famous announcers sports history, and he’s never really held back when it comes to politics. He famously slammed socialism during a live broadcast. I’d be more surprised if he did indeed agree with the national anthem protests.

His comments also represent the way many Americans feel. Lots of people have been turned off to the NFL ever since players kneeling and refusing to stand during the national anthem became a thing in the league. It’s probably not a stretch to say he speaks for lots of people in this country.

I applaud Mr Scully because it would be easier to sit back and enjoy his retirement rather than to take a principled stand.  Most people would.  But unfortunately, Vin Scully is a decent and honorable man, who is unwilling to trade popularity for disrespect for the country he loves and that makes him very rare indeed.




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