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George Clooney/Matt Damon Movie Bombs Big Time

The latest in a long line of  movies failing to make money is the latest effort starring ultra liberals George Clooney and Matt Damon called  Suburbicon.  It debuted at just 3 million dollars making it the poorest opening for either liberal.  Considering how many bombs both actors have had, that’s saying something.  Hollywood is just like the NFL.

Both fail to realize that you can’t be successful by alienating over 50% of the population.  Frankly, I hope neither one has an epiphany and changes their ways because neither would be sincere.  Both would fake it and I’d rather see them die out due to lack of funds.  When football players and Hollywood actors have to live like the rest of us their opinion on Obama (the greatest) and Trump ( Nazi with idiot voters).

 Things are so bad, the 2017 year-to-date box office is trailing behind four of the last five years and barely ahead of the catastrophic year that was 2014.

The news, however, is especially bad for Clooney. Prior to Suburbicon, the director’s 2011 The Ides of March was his worst wide-opening ($10 million) as a director. This $3 million opening is also the worst opening ever (in over 2,000 theaters) for star Matt Damon.

Working against Clooney is his politically divisive personality and his track record. In this age of an ever empowered new media, the Hollywood bubble and mainstream media no longer have the power to con American moviegoers into believing he’s a modern-day Cary Grant and genius auteur. The movies he directs are just not very good. Fans of 2002’s Confession of a Dangerous Mind should be reminded that Clooney did not write that script.

Also working against Suburbicon is its Harveywood problem. Both Clooney and Damon got their start with Harvey Weinstein. Damon’s affiliation with the alleged serial-predator is so strong it is impossible to think of one without the other.

Although both men were close Weinstein colleagues at the height of his power during the golden age of Miramax, their protestations of knowing nothing were widely met with social media skepticism. Damon certainly did not help himself or Suburbicon with his conflicting statements.

H/T Breitbart News

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