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Time To Put Boomers In ‘Retirement’ Camps: Woke! In The AM Episode 6 [VIDEO]

Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks are two funny and enlightening guys who bring laughter and clarity to the liberal world.  You will find them to be hilarious but at the same time knowledgeable.

What up, fam? ‘Woke! In The AM’ is pleased to bring your our Halloween special. So wake up, grab a cup of coffee, and strap in for the fraîchest and hottest takes on news, culture and politics of the week. Hosts Jonah Bennett and Dave Brooks will take you on a voyage of self-discovery from the depths of sleep to the heights of wokeness. (RELATED: We Are #MeToo: Woke In The AM Episode V)

This week, Jonah and Dave break down the current CNN “bananas” advertisement and go through some other commercials that CNN left on the cutting room floor. We also return with another segment of “Woke or Not Woke” and review some fresh Halloween costumes sure to impress your friends with how good a person you are. (RELATED: Harvey Weinstein Is A Hero: Woke! In The AM Episode IV)

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