Manager Sees Employee Spraying Liquid On Produce, Notices A Rancid Smell, Immediately Calls Cops [VIDEO]

There are twisted people in the world who want nothing more than to hurt innocent people for whatever reason. Maybe they were bullied or are just bad seeds but the fact remains that good people get hurt by the bad ones. A man in Charleston, South Carolina was seen on security cameras spraying a foul smelling brown liquid on a section of produce. No one knows exactly what the liquid was but the police were immediately notified.

Picking out produce at a grocery store can be a time-consuming task, especially if the products aren’t up to par. Oftentimes, people choose a grocery store based on how good the produce is because there is nothing worse than filling your cart with fruits and veggies, only to find out that the strawberries are moldy and the lettuce is wilted. Unfortunately, this happens far too often and not everyone is willing to take the time to bring the item back to the store and get a refund, so they end up losing a whole lot of money.

Evidently, one man was so disappointed in the produce selection at a Harris Teeter grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina that he decided to spray a foul-smelling brown liquid on the entire section. But, it may not actually be the produce he was upset with, as the man accompanied his odd behavior with a comment about the store owing him money. And apparently, this isn’t the first time that 41-year-old Pau Hang got in trouble at this particular store. He was ordered to stay away two years ago.

When the manager saw Hang pouring the mysterious brown liquid on the produce, he immediately called the police. The worst part is that the liquid was accompanied by a bad odor that the manager compared to the smell of feces.

Hang was arrested and charged with damage to personal property and trespassing after notice. At this time, his jail records do not list a lawyer.
The store manager estimated that it will cost at least $3,000 to throw away the produce and make sure the cases are clean.

You really have to feel bad for the other shoppers who frequent this particular Harris Teeter. Are they ever going to trust that the produce section is thoroughly cleaned following this incident?

Investigators are testing the substance and are hoping to have more answers soon, but it’s a bit unnerving to know that some strange, bad smelling liquid was even in that section of the store at all.

Commenters had a field day with poking fun at Hang…

“Hey, give him a break. If he managed to intentionally give himself the runs, then screw the bottle in to catch it, he’s earned the protest.”

“Lettuce hope he runs out soon.”

“If he was pinching a loaf, he was in the wrong dept.”

“It’s not often you hear about runs on the produce section. Guess he had stored up.”

“Clearly, something went awry with his evacuation plan!”

“How do we stop him?” “I can’t think of anything grocer.”

It’s obvious that commenters had a good time thinking of clever puns to go along with this story. This guy certainly made it clear that you don’t want to to get on his bad side, or he will retaliate with a mysterious substance. Some people are just evidently angry at the world and they try to get even by doing some very strange things. It will be interesting to find out what the substance was.


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