Company Helps Men Grieve Losses Of Wives By Creating Sex Dolls That Look Like Their Spouses

A company in New Jersey is making sex dolls to look like anyone their customers want and help them overcome their grief.

Douglas Hines, the engineer/inventor of True Companion – the American company behind the world’s first sex robot, said that widowed men are turning to him to create sex doll robots to look their deceased wives.

Engineer-inventor Douglas Hines poses with his company’s “True Companion” sex robot, Roxxxy.

Officials at True Companion — the New Jersey-based maker of the fully customizable $9,995 Roxxxy sex robot — say that along with orders for celebrity lookalikes, the most common requests they receive are for Roxxxys resembling dead spouses, Britain’s Sun newspaper reported on Monday.

Hines added that people get the dolls as a way to help them grieve the losses of loved ones, told The Sun.

According to Hines, about 50 percent of True Companion customers are people who buy the custom dolls for family members.

“That’s what True Companion is all about and that’s why it’s called True Companion.” He added.

Others want dolls to resemble their favorite celebrities.

Most customers are people who are looking for companionship, a loving touch, and a warm embrace, he added.

The dolls come with computer sensors all over their bodies, and they react with phrases such as “I want to hold hands with you,” when touched.

There’s something for widows, too. Roxxxy has a male counterpart, Rocky, available for the same price, but with fewer options.

“If you’re going to have a companion with you, you want her to be as spicy as possible,” Hines said.

Article Sources: New York Post, The Sun Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images


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