Bag Boy Couldn’t Believe What He Saw Outside Store, Instantly Takes Off

July 18 was just a regular day at Ingles Market. However, Aaron Sanders made a difference after he showed a simple act of kindness to an elderly woman who was picking up some essentials inside the store. His heroism was then shared across social, which touches the heart of the public.

An elderly lady woman was ready to walk to her car across the parking lot in spite of pouring rain when Sanders come and insist to help.

“I asked her if I could help her out and she said no a couple of times because she doesn’t want me to get wet,” he said during his interview. “And I just said I prefer if I helped you out. And then she said OK.”

With an umbrella in one hand to shield them from the elements, Sanders guided the woman to her car. She then put her arm around him to help keep him dry.

When he helped her into her car, the umbrella flipped inside out, tossing a pool of water in the good Samaritan’s face, soaking him beyond how wet he already was. Even still, he said his goodbyes to his new friend, and with a smile, and then he ran back to work.

Sanders’s coworker captured the moment in the middle of a torrential downpour on her cell phone, and that simple act of kindness caught the attention of social media world. The image, posted to Violet Baiera’s Facebook page, has now gone viral with thousands of likes and shares.

As soon as he walked through the doors, everyone began clapping and thanking him for his thoughtfulness. Sanders didn’t do it for accolades, though. It was just the right thing to do given the circumstances.

“I want to say thank you to everybody who’s commented and liked this photo,” he tells the TV station. “I come from a hard past with just my mother. She’s the reason I am what I am. I’ve never had a father figure in my life so all the credit goes to her, and she cried seeing what all you kind people had to say about this. I thank you all once again. I hope this puts a smile on your face as it does mine.”

Remaining humble and gracious, Sanders said he was just doing his job, adding, “It’s what I like to do. I like helping people whenever they need help. And I’d do it all over again.”



Article Sources: Live Life And Win, ABC 6, Violet G Baiera/Facebook, Mad World News/Facebook Photo Credit: Daily Dish

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