Mother Reluctantly Releases Footage As Warning To Parents, Pay Attention To The Van [VIDEO]

Three young sisters were spared thanks to the quick thinking of the oldest sibling. Sade, age 8 saved her sisters and herself after a strange van pulled up in front of the three girls jumping on their trampoline. The man offered donuts to the little girls but fortunately, none of them were fooled.

 The incredible footage shows a strange man pulling up to the home in a white van, while the girls bounce innocently on their trampoline in their fenced-in yard.

Rachelle Haigh, 26, released the incredible footage in an effort to warn neighbors of this predator among them.

As the man stops in front of their Parington, Greater Manchester home, he quietly asks the girls if they want to “come and get some doughnuts”. The mum, who was on her couch at the time also heard some commotion. She could hear him shouting to “come quickly” and “come get some doughnuts”.

The next thing she knew was that her daughter had run in and told her to come quick. The older girls ran away and even went back to get their younger sister off of the trampoline.

 She ran outside and instantly confronted the man in the white van and asked him what he thought he was doing.

Acting very strangely, he defended himself by saying he was “just offering the girls some doughnuts”. He then drove off quickly.

Haigh reported all of this to the Greater Manchester Police, who are in the process of investigation. Police confirm that they’ve gotten her report and seen the horrifying CCTV footage from October 7th.

While the mum is still feeling horrified about the entire incident, she is also grateful that her girls are still with her. She is proud of their quick thinking and ability to not be lured in by the promise of sweets. All of that “don’t talk to strangers” training had definitely stuck with the little girls, who did exactly the right thing – run away and get their mum.

This video is a perfect reason that parents need to always pay attention to young children. There are so many sick people out there waiting to strike when parents guards are down. The mother released the footage for the world to learn a valuable lesson. Thankfully, the little girl’s quick thinking saved her sisters lives.


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