Bannon: Trump Will Win 2020 Election With ‘400 Electoral Votes’

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed the Left so unhinged as they are today.  And I lived through the liberal hatred of the Reagan years.

The Left are so distraught that Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump that almost one year later they are still suffering from butt-hurt syndrome.  They don’t agree with what the rest of the country sees in President Trump.  Instead, the Left sees the Trump presidency as a threat to their advancement of the destruction of the American system to be replaced by a utopian heaven on earth.

For Trump supporters it is beyond their understanding how anyone could have wanted Hillary Clinton to be their president.  She could possibly be the most evil person ever nominated by a major party to run for president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton not only mishandled classified data, but we have evidence that she knowingly did, and it may have harmed our national security if she was elected.  The level of potential blackmail would be staggering let alone her ability to fulfill her personal goal of selling as much of the United States as possible for her own personal gain.

Hillary Clinton was involved in so many scam deals a book was written about it, none of the contents of which have ever been refuted.

Hillary Clinton was a horrible candidate with a horrible background, a horrible temperament, someone who displayed a horrible sense of judgement, and her book tour is showing us that not only has she not changed, but she hasn’t learned anything from her experiences.

Two-thirds of America knew that there was something wrong during the Obama years, something was off.  President Obama and most of his administration came across as contumelious toward the heartland of America.  Every day for eight long years there was some new attack on American values and traditions that the heartland wholeheartedly rejects.  The Left believed that because America elected the first black president that the country turned Progressive-Marxist overnight, especially when the Obama people had an adoring press the whole time.

The American people know better, which is why the Left is so hell bent on stopping Donald Trump before he wins reelection.  Americans see that Trump is trying to fulfill the promises he made during the campaign, which is a breath of fresh air for most Americans.

Donald Trump is not a conservative Republican, rather, he is a populist nationalist, and yet everything he has done so far is far more conservative than anything the GOP Congress has done in about twenty years.  That’s because conservative ideas, real conservatism, is what is best for America and the American people to thrive once again.

As reported by The Hill:

Former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon said Saturday that President Trump will “win with 400 electoral votes in 2020,” following reports that he had lost faith in the president’s ability to complete his current term.

“The populist, nationalist, conservative revolt that’s going on, that drove Donald Trump to victory, that drove Judge [Roy] Moore to victory, that will drive 15 candidates to victory in 2018, and I hate to break it Graydon Carter and the good folks at Vanity Fair, but yes, President Trump is not only going to finish this term, he’s going to win with 400 electoral votes in 2020,” Bannon said during a speech at the Values Voter Summit in Washington.

Bannon reportedly said several months ago that Trump only has a 30 percent chance of finishing his current term, a source told Vanity Fair, who said the president also did not know the function of the 25th Amendment, which allows a majority of the Cabinet to vote for the president to be removed from office.

Bannon returned to the far-right Breitbart News outlet after leaving the White House in August. The former Trump strategist said he left his post to be a “wingman outside” the White House for Trump to help advance the president’s agenda.

In his speech Saturday, Bannon also committed that he would “get to the progressive Democrats,” but said that “right now it’s a season of war against the GOP establishment.”

Bannon laid out his plans to back challengers to establishment Republicans in Congress for the 2018 midterm elections in an interview earlier this week.

“There’s a coalition coming together that is going to challenge every Republican incumbent except for Ted Cruz,” Bannon told Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Monday.

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