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Watch as Police are Forced to Kill Transgender Student at Georgia Tech [VIDEO]

New footage has been released of the Georgia Tech student who committed suicide by the police.  Scout Schultz, a transgender student left a not that he/she/it planned on forcing the police to shoot him/her/ it as a form of suicide.  It worked.  Before it left it’s dorm room it called the police and gave the police it’s own description and told them it was armed with a knife or a gun.  It yelled at police to shoot just before Officer Tyler Beck did as requested.

 The officers can be seen forming a semi-circle around Schultz, who identified as gender non-binary, about 20-feet away.

Beck can be seen shining his flashlight at Schultz as the 21-year-old approached them.

Schultz, who preferred to be referred to as ‘them’, had earlier called 911 to report a man fitting the student’s description with ‘long blond hair’ and wearing a ‘white t-shirt’ walking around campus with a knife or gun.

The student was carrying a utility tool with the blade not extended as the 21-year-old approached the officers.

The family’s lawyer, Chris Stewart, says the new footage shows the vast distance between Schultz and the officers and has argued that Beck should have been able to tell the student wasn’t armed with a knife.

‘First officer backs up off screen and de-escalates. Female officer (far right) backs up and de-escalates, African-American officer is de-escalating by holding pepper spray not his firearm (far left). BUT Officer Beck (center) who is furthest away, refuses to de-escalate and is the only officer to shoot.’

Beck was filmed firing a single shot that struck Schultz in the chest after trying to talk the student out of carrying the knife for more than a minute.
Schultz had been screaming ‘shoot me!’ as the officers pleaded: ‘Nobody wants to hurt you.’

H/T The Mail Online


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