Man Finds Huge Water Bubble Under His Lawn And Pops It Like A Giant Pimple [VIDEO]

There is something so satisfying about watching this man relieve an enormous amount of pressure building up underneath his lawn. After noticing his lawn expanding, one man attempted to fix the problem by poking some holes in the lawn to relieve the pressure. This is the story of  James Callender and his yard bubble.

It rained heavily in the area before the video was shot, so much so that water had pooled below the grass until it could sink no further, continuing to accumulate beneath the surface. Gradually, this caused a bubble to form in dear James’ backyard, and he absolutely loved it.

In the video, you see him taking the grass bubble in, admiring it for its natural buoyancy. He will eventually step on it, and it will be a fraction as satisfying for viewers as it surely is for him (though even that fraction seems more than enough), but he won’t be doing that before he gets a few good pokes in.
See, while James might not have extensive experience in dealing with lawn moisture bulges, he does know that any bubble will shrink to nothing if it’s made to lose its pressure.

So, depressurize the bubble James did. Using a tool that may or may not be meant specifically for this task, he poked a series of holes at the bubble’s base. His joy during this task was so clear that it prompted his wife to comment on his enthusiasm, saying “You’re having too much fun.”

That would be true for anyone else, but there’s no such thing as too much fun for James Callender. He pokes his holes exuberantly, then takes his steps atop the bubble. It moves around his footsteps exactly as you’d think it would in a dream.

But this is not a land bubble that would give in without a fight. Even with the holes, James poked, and even with his average weight moving the bubble hypnotically, the water would not yet give. So, in a stroke of brilliance, James conceived of the next step in his plan of action: poke more holes.
And poke more holes he did. At this point, James’ wife grew concerned with the possibility of a snake hiding in the bubble. James, too man enough to think about snakes, continued to poke holes. This time, rather than scatter the holes across a larger surface area, he poked repeatedly at a single spot, forming a large hole.

Then, gloriously, he stood atop the bubble once more. This time, mud spewed like fountain water through the opening James made. Gleefully, and to the utter satisfaction of those joining him in the yard and the unseen millions of viewers, James shifted his footing with grace, making more water spew from the hole.

Now tell me that wasn’t satisfying to watch? Thank you for recording this glorious moment for all of us to witness.



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