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Propaganda Film Shows ISIS Soldiers Getting Kicked in the Cojones [VIDEO]

ISIS has released a new bizarre propaganda video that shows ISIS terrorists kicking each other in the genitals for training to show how durable they are.  Evidently these are not the same ISIS terrorists who have been losing all the land they captured in Iraq and Syria.  In fact those terrorists no longer fight to the death as they formerly did as witnessed by the large amount of ISIS troops that have been surrendering.

 Pictures from a propaganda video shot at an ISIS training camp in Yemen, purports to show the baffling exercise being part of the hardening of new recruits.

A handful of terrorists-in-training can be seen standing with their legs apart while an ISIS instructor kicks them in the groin with force.

It is believed that this has been done to show the ability of ISIS terrorists to endure pain.

However, as this is a single image, there is no evidence to show that this practice did not cause serious harm or pain to the recruits.

Other stills from the video show recruits carrying out target practice, assault courses and doing pull-ups.

The images were allegedly shot at the Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani training camp in Yemen, where ISIS began to establish itself in 2014.

The war in Yemen began the same year, when ousted former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and his supporters joined forces with the Shiite Huthi rebels, who are backed by Iran.

In 2015, the conflict escalated when a Saudi Arabia-led coalition lent its support to the Sunni government.

The rebels control most of northern Yemen, including the Red Sea coast, while the government controls several pockets near the Saudi border, including the port of Midi.

To date, the civil war has claimed the lives of more than 8,500 civilians, and thousands of fighters, with the UN recently singling out the Saudi-led coalition as causing civilian deaths with air-strikes.

H/T The Mail Online

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