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Couple Arrested For Pimping Out Daughter For 10 Years Since She Was THREE

A couple who have been trading sex with their daughter since the age of three in return for drugs have been arrested.  Celeste Chambers, 36, and Kevin Wyatt, 49, of Tallahassee , Florida used the child for prostitution between February 2003 until March 2016.   Why do we not have the death penalty in cases like this?  You have to be really sick to do this.

 According to WXTL the couple abused their child from February 2003 until March 2016.

Chambers was arrested in Tallahassee in June and will face trial in the new year.

She was also re-arrested last week on outstanding warrants on charges of sexual abuse, lewd and lascivious behavior and child cruelty.

Wyatt, meanwhile, was arrested Sunday on a houseboat. He was wanted on five separate warrants including sex trafficking.

‘Kevin Wyatt prostituted a young girl for 13 years in exchange for drugs,’ the department wrote in a Facebook post.

The youngster was forced into sexual acts with men in exchange for drugs, money or other goods and services.

If she refused to perform the sexual acts as requested, Wyatt would slap and hit her.

‘She has endured quite a bit through this entire ordeal,’ Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Angelie Hightower told WXTL. ‘Her trying to go to school and act normal, just going through some emotional roller coasters.’

The girl who is now 17, is said to be doing much better and is staying with relatives.

I can’t even imagine what kind of hell this girl’s life must have been like.

H/T The Mail Online

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