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In a Dispute Between a Black QB and a Female Reporter, ESPN Faults White Men

ESPN is nothing if not consistent.   When given the choice of two roads, they always choose the lowest.  The ESPN business plan is simple enough.  It is , no matter how stupid or idiotic your argument must be, always blame Republicans.  That’s why ESPN is in total disarray and losing money hand over fist.  The most recent example of this involves mental midget, Michelle Beadle.  She is commenting on the sexist remark made by Cam Newton to Charlotte Observer beat reporter Jourdan Rodrigue.  So does Beadle blame the black quarterback or the white female reporter for the dust up?  Neither, it’s the white men.  I kid you not.

 Beadle gave her opinion on recent comments made by Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

During a Wednesday presser, a female reporter had asked Newton about the effectiveness of the routes of his receivers. Newton condescendingly responded, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes. It’s funny.”

In her rant, Michelle Beadle sat at the desk with two black men, and had some strong words about white men. I’m not quite sure how the Cam Newton-female reporter story resulted into blatant attacks against white guys.

Beadle said, “Not to stereotype, but I hear a lot from white men on these topics. You guys have a lot to say how black people should feel, about how women should feel. I gotta be honest with you guys. Shut up and listen for 5 minutes. Like, you will never know what I’ve been through, what he’s been through. Just listen. God forbid, you learn something.”

It’s very convenient how she says white men have confronted her.  Well,  I’ve had some black quarterbacks and white female sports reporters who say to me that Michelle Beadle is a total moron.  So, I told them “Amen brothers and sisters.”

But truth be known, it’s not angry white men who tell blacks and Hispanics what they are supposed to think and act, it’s white liberals like Beadle who does that.

From The Daily Wire

Ami Horowitz decided to do an experiment.  He took to the streets of Berkeley California and spoke to some liberals about blacks and the voter ID debate.  After the liberals would say that Voter ID was racist, he would ask them why they believe that.  One white liberal woman said it was because blacks are all felons and couldn’t vote and many more said that Blacks were unable to go to the DMV to get an ID if it wasn’t located across the street or next door.

Then it gets really interesting because Horowitz then shows the video of the liberals to Blacks that live in Harlem.  To say the least, they were not impressed by the liberals.  Some of the Blacks tell Horowitz that the liberals sound like racists to them.  You’ll love this, I promise:

Did I tell you or what?



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