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Harry Reid To Testify in Corruption Trial…Lock Him Up

Harry Reid has been called as a prosecution witness in the Sen Bob Menedez corruption trial in which he is charged with exchanging favors with Dr Melgen who was just convicted on 67 out of 67 charges of Medicaid fraud.  Reid’s testimony could land him in court also.  Reid intervened with Medicaid and possibly the White House in an attempt to put the fix in for Melgen.

Reid will also have to explain why he accepted free rides in Melgen’s private jet, not to mention the $600,000 Melgen contributed to Reid’s Super PAC.  The question becomes,, “Does harry lie or does he take the Fifth?”  If he lies, Reid will have to explain the favors he did for Melgen and them rewards he reaped but to someone like Harry Reid, he would probably rather tell a lie than take the Fifth and make everyone believe he is guilty.

H/T The Daily Caller

As part of that influence campaign, Menendez reached out to Reid in 2011 for help.

Reid helped set up a meeting between Menendez and Kathleen Sebelius, who then served as secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. Prosecutors also revealed last month that Reid also reached out the President Obama’s deputy chief of staff in 2011 to communicate Melgen’s frustration over the billing dispute.

Melgen was convicted of 67 counts of Medicare fraud in April. Menendez has denied any wrongdoing, saying that he and Melgen exchanged favors because they were old friends.

Reid and Melgen had their own relationship. The now-retired lawmaker flew on Melgen’s private jet to a fundraiser in June 2012. Melgen also donated $600,000 to Reid’s super PAC.

The Republican National Committee jumped on the news of Reid’s possible appearance at trial.

“Harry Reid’s been implicated, as has Kathleen Sebelius, so it’s clear the corruption extended beyond Menendez’s office,” RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens said in a statement to Fox News. “Who knows exactly who else will testify, but it’s just as stunning that no Senate Democrat has said Menendez should resign immediately if convicted.”

This is not Harry Reid’s first go round on the ethics merry-go-round.  besides numerous land deals, Harry Reid had a major case of the ethics blues when he tried to force Cliven Bundy off from his ranch.  A Chinese company wanted to put a solar farm in Southern Nevada.  In order to do so, they would have to set up what is called a mitigation area.  A mitigation area is set to give the displaced animals somewhere that they can live with grazing and water.

Reid had at least a couple of conflicts of interest here.  The Chinese company wanting to build the solar farm was represented by Harry Reid’s son, Rory.     The second conflict of interest was that the Chinese company would need to buy land around the Bundy grazing area also.  In that parcel is 93 acres belonging to Bunkerville Reid.  It is believed that Reid owns that land.  EEN might have bought the land at an inflated price to reward Reid, but we’ll never know because Reid failed to evict Bundy.


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